We are dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility

We recognize the need to harmonize economic, ecological and social goals. Our products and technologies are designed to make a valuable contribution to society and to continuously further and support a sustainable development in all countries in which we operate.

Based on this understanding, we conduct a continuous and open dialogue with all social groups regarding past achievements and future priorities. Our policy of doing business in an ethical and legal manner is inseparably linked with respect for human rights, the customs, traditions and the social values of the countries in which we operate.

We welcome and support the volunteer work of our current and retired employees in many different areas, as such volunteer work reflects our understanding of responsible corporate citizenship.

Sustainable development is a shared responsibility of the world-wide community.

The Code of Corporate Sustainability shall assist us in successfully managing our operations in a sustainable and socially responsible manner all over the Demmel Group. We believe that economically strong and successful enterprises are essential when it comes to achieving effective protection of the environment and social progress.

RAWE is an economically strong and successful company. Aligning our operations to the rules of the Code of Corporate Sustainability allows us to further secure and develop the strong positions we hold in our markets. Foremost, however, we will be able to increase the contribution of RAWE to sustainable development.


Integrity and Compliance

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...because environmental safety means a lot to us

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Karriere und Ausbildung in der Demmel Gruppe