Company History

2021 "50 years of RAWE" - an anniversary year which coud not be celebrated in a festive way due to the still existing pandemic. A global economic growth trend set in, but in parallel, a dramatic escalation of the already tight procurement market for electronic components became apparent. Recurring corona outbreaks and material shortages were the biggest challenges in 2021. With sales 5% above plan and 12% above last year, RAWE came through this extremely difficult year very well.
RAWE takes over 100% of Mair Elektronik GmbH from Schwaig near Munich, with branch office in Lutherstadt Eisleben. At the turn of the year 2021/2022, a new ERP system was introduced, a milestone for process optimization and organizational improvements.

2020 The consequences of the Corona pandemic and the measures taken to contain it, have had a significant impact on the global economy. RAWE came through the crisis quite well. Despite a decline in sales, the profit achieved was above plan and only slightly below the previous year. A new CAQ system is being implemented to further optimize processes, and the "Introduction of a new ERP system" project launched in 2019 is in full swing.
Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, visits RAWE and learns about the production of electronic assemblies in Automated Manufacturing during a plant tour.

2019 The global economy was marked by trade disputes, BREXIT and the beginning structural change in the automotive industry. The German electtronic industry reported a minus of 4% at the end of the year.Nevertheless, RAWE is growing against the trend and continues to invest in production.
A fully automated painting line is put into operation, our development department is happy about a professional 3D printer and RAWE receives the BestEMS 2019 award of the reader's choice of Markt&Technik.

2018 Another record year for RAWE. Sales and earnings could once again be significantly increased. With a 10% increase in sales to € 54.5 million and an increase in the number of employees by 15 to a total of 295 employees, RAWE remains on the road to success.

2017 With the production of the 100 millionth headlamp adjustment unit in October, RAWE goes down in history! The new administration and R&D building was finished before the end of the year and now offers a 2000 sqm office space on three floors with attractive and modern equipped workplaces.
The business volume reaches € 49.6 million. RAWE finally employs 280 people.

2016 Introducing the new industrial field “Human Machine Interface”, due to an Demmel Group internal technology transfer. Business Volume reaches EUR 39,000,000.00 with 230 employees.

2014 production area enlargement planning by additional 2,000 square metres; start of operation: 2015

2013 turnover reaches EUR 30,000.000.00

2012 top rating for RAWE ELECTRONIC GmbH by Dun&Bradstreet, Germany: mark 1

2009 production area enlargement to 4,200 square metres; acquisition of Tefag Elektronik AG located in Mels (Switzerland)

2006 ISO TS 16949 and ISO 13485 certification granted

2004 introduction of ISO 14001 certification granted

2002 turnover reaches EUR 20,000,000.00

1997 new production line: automotive with automatized manufacturing concepts for headlamp aid controls, turnover reaches more than DEM 20,000,000.00

1996 new production line: heating, household appliances and communication technology; introduction ISO 9001-2000 certification granted

1992 Incorporation into the Demmel Group.

1991 start of PC mainboards production for Schneider computer generation 80386 and 80486

1987 turnover increased to DEM 10,000,000.00

1985 start of production of electronics for manual equipment

1982 start of Mephisto chess computer production; turnover increases to DEM 5,000,000.00; company building enlargement (Bregenzer Straße)

1973 turnover reaches DEM 1,000,000.00

1971 foundation of RAWE ELECTRONIC GmbH; manufacture of inductors and measuring devices

Karriere und Ausbildung in der Demmel Gruppe