In line with our mission statement, our code of conduct formulates the main rules and principles for legally correct and responsible behavior of our employees. He thus describes the binding for us values.

The public perception of RAWE Electronic GmbH largely depends on the behavior of our employees. By formulating an ethical and legal basis for our actions, we are creating landmarks, bow conflict situations, and thus promote our company's reputation in the public.


Integrity and Compliance

For us, the honest and fair dealings with customers, business partners, employees, investors and competitors is a fundamental belief and commitment. Our belief committed our joint action on finalizing all customer and contractual relationships with complete integrity.

All employees hold in strict accordance with applicable laws and standards of conduct and business policies and procedures. Ethical and responsible behavior are as basic as the respect for the rights of each individual and the respect for the environment in our work.

We expect from our suppliers to share these commitments. We ask each vendor to comply with our Code of Conduct in all activities.

To comply with these standards we rely on our partners to point to it, if they have doubts as to whether an act or behavior meets the requirements for integrity and compliance in the standards of behavior from us. If you want to reimburse the relevant message, please send them to the following contact: General Management, RAWE Electronic GmbH, Bregenzer Str. 43, D-88171 Weiler-Simmerberg, or

In addition reports can also be made to the ombudsman, who works on behalf of RAWE but is authorized to pass on information without naming the informant. RAWE's Ombudsman can be contacted via postal mail, telephone or mail at: Geißler Rechtsanwälte, Hundweilerstraße 15, 88131 Lindau, phone: +49 8382 78885 or via mail to:



We are dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility

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...because environmental safety means a lot to us

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