Internet of Things

Hardly any application today can do without a connection to the Internet or mobile devices. RAWE offers individual solutions and product extension of your application to the World Wide Web or your Smartphone App.

For the following standards we have extensive experience in hardware and software development:

Bluetooth 4.2

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) offers enhanced security features, a higher transmission speed and an economical Bluetooth "Low Energy" mode. All smartphones now support this standard.

Bluetooth 5

The range of Bluetooth 5 was extended up to 100 m and the data rate doubled. New services such as location transmission are now also available.

Bluetooth Mesh lets you connect up to 32,000 devices to a single mesh network. Thanks to its very low power consumption, this communication technology opens up many and new applications in industry.

LoRa (LoRAWAN - Long Range Wide Area Network)

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network and enables energy-efficient transmission of data over long distances. LoRA was developed explicitly for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With LoRaWAN it’s possible to manage a large number of sensors within a network and process their data. When using energy-saving sensors, the networks can be operated for many years without changing batteries. These are decisive advantages compared to other wireless technologies such as WLAN or Bluetooth.

WLAN (Wireless local area network or WiFi)

WLAN is the generic term for all cordless or wireless local networks and usually refers to radio network standards of the IEEE-802.11x series of standards, which in other countries are also referred to as Wi-Fi.



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