Overview of RAWE's production capabilities


Pick & Place and Soldering

  • Fully automated through-hole-technolgy (THT) assembly of DIP, Axial and Radial components.
  • 3 fully automated Siplace SMD lines (FLAT-PACK, PLCC, BGA)

  • AOI (automated optical inspection)

  • SPI (solder paste inspection)

  • Reflow soldering, wave soldering, manual sodering, induction soldering)

  • Fully automated depaneling

Assembly and Bonding

  • Product-specific assembly lines for large volumes

  • PCB cleaning and coating

  • Liquid bonding and lamination of decorative foils and adhesives

  • Polyurethane sealings and gaskets

  • Polyuretane fully potting of assemblies

  • Optical Bonding of Touch-Displays by either a dry process (OCA) or wet bonding (OCR)


  • Inhouse design and production of testing machines (In-Circuit tester and functional endtests)
  • Burn-In and Run-In chambers for customized testing requirements.

In-house tooling shop

  • Inhouse design and manufacturing of tools, frames and production gadgets

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