Decorative metal surfaces – with delicate back lighting

metalLight® is our protected brand name for transparent, closed breaks in high-quality metal surfaces that enable delicate illuminated symbols. You can choose from a range of different aluminium and stainless steel alloys which can be further refined with galvanisation and/or specific grinding and brushing processes.

These materials combine with capacitive or piezo touch functions to create stunning, highly functional control systems.


Decorative covers

Whether we’re talking about kitchen appliances or other industrial applications, decorative covers give your product a face and a look that set it apart. Simply tell us your requirements and design wishes.

Materials: aluminium, stainless steel or plastic

Surface protection: PU and powder coating, anodised

Design: brushed, partly brushed, printed (under the anodised coating), varnished, various degrees of gloss, embossed or stamped

Geometrical requirements: special haptics, flat or embossed, stamped, milled, lasered, welded, with clinch studs or weld studs



For the front of your product or control panel or as a marking element. Your signs should radiate quality. Available here are not only a wide range of design elements, but also an extensive tool range for punching internal breakouts and outer contours. We enable customised, retrospective laser engraving of consecutive numbering or barcodes.

Materials: aluminium and V2A steel

Surfaces and protection: PU coating, anodising, etching, varnishing

Design: brushed, selectively brushed, printed, various degrees of gloss, embossed, stamped or laser marked

Geometrical requirements: special haptics, inner breaks, outer contours


Composite panels

Composite panels combine foil layers with an aluminium or steel carrier panel. Apart from purely mechanical processing, they are also available in anodised or varnished finishes with back-printed polyester foils. On request, we also offer key embossing and UV-varnish-coated display windows as well as back-injected seals.


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