As part of our further development in Heimertingen, we were able to expand our parking area, taking into account the current environmental challenges.


August 2020: Press release - Corona pandemic leads to plant closure
at WAFA-Germany.

Our subsidiary WAFA Germany has been hit by a considerable drop in sales in the wake of the corona pandemic in the middle of the restructuring phase.

Unfortunately, the restructuring concept that has been successfully started so far, but cannot be implemented anymore due to the massive drop in sales and without a new investor.

The creditors' committee approves the end of production and the inevitable closure of the plant by 31.12.2020.

This was reported in detail in the press release (german language).
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here:   ->  Press release: Wafa Germany plant closure (German)

July 2020: Press release on the successful
Start of production at the new Demmel plant in Heimertingen.

In July, the new Demmel plant in Heimertingen (near Memmingen) was successfully commissioned. The aim here is not only to expand production capacities and optimize distribution channels, but also to make it easier for employees to reach the plant.

The Westallgäuer-Zeitung (local Newspaper) reported about this in detail.
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June 2020: Information on the special situation caused by Corona Virus Covid-19

Ladies and gentlemen, dear business partners,

the world is facing an enormous challenge. The global corona pandemic has an impact on each and every one of us, on all areas of our lives - and of course on the global economy and our company. The situation is and remains challenging.

In the last weeks, we have taken rapid and comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Furthermore, we continue to do everything in our power to avoid possible bottlenecks in the future.

We hope that you and your teams and their families will remain healthy in these challenging times and are confident that we will successfully overcome them together.

April 2020: Press release: Demmel develops and donates face shields to local hospitals.

Demmel AG in Scheidegg develops and donates special face shields to local hospitals in the corona crisis. "The donation is a matter of our social responsibility as a company", explains Thomas Holderried, CEO of Demmel AG.  “In these challenging months, it is important to support each other quickly and unconventionally. It is a need for us to support and contribute our neighborhood with our know-how to protecting and saving lives."

In the current corona crisis, it is also difficult for hospitals to get appropriate protective equipment. The special face shields are a result of the typical Demmel innovation and were developed within a few days. In contrast to pure respiratory masks, this shield consists of a forehead holder and a visor made of transparent polycarbonate, which also protects the eyes but does not restrict the field of vision. Breathing mask and goggles can easily be used under the visor. The visors are easy to clean and can be reused if necessary. So they provide additional protection for clinic staff who work directly on the COVID-19 patient and are therefore faced with a very high pathogen load.

The entire staff of Demmel AG admires and praises the tireless efforts of the nursing staff and doctors: "With our donation we would like to thank all people who are currently performing above average in the treatment and care of Covid-19 patients.
We have great respect for the work that is done here every day for the general public and our region. ”

The Demmel face masks can also be used in almost all other areas of life. Further information and direct ordering options can be found here: -> Demmel Face-Masks


January 2020: Demmel AG: Construction of our new plan in Heimertingen

The construction of our new plant in Heimertingen is in full swing. The floor was poured at the end of January, and drywall is currently taking place inside the building. The work is on schedule so that the first machines can be delivered at the beginning of April. The expected handover of the building is planned from mid-May.

Karriere und Ausbildung in der Demmel Gruppe