Compliance and intEGRITY

As a responsible company, compliance for us means adherence to rules and conformity with regulations. These rules apply to all of us, regardless of our position or company. Each of us is responsible for complying with the relevant rules without exception.

Our Code of Conduct describes the values, basic rules and principles on the basis of which we deal with each other and conduct our business. They help us to implement compliance by describing the relevant regulations and highlighting potential areas of risk and conflict.

In addition, we attach great importance to integrity, which describes the consistency of the Code of Conduct with our own words and actions in order to actively promote the implementation of compliance. We demand this from our employees in a binding manner - in order to live compliance and integrity sustainably in everyday life.

Our principles and compliance documents you'll find here: -> Guidelines Demmel Group

Whistleblower system

Everyone must be attentive and willing to point out rule violations when specific information is available!

Violations of laws and other basic regulations cannot be tolerated - without exception. It requires the attention and willingness of everyone to point out breaches of the rules if they have specific information. Our whistleblower system is available for this purpose, where concerns can be reported, confidentially if desired - at any time.   

If you feel that, for whatever reason, you are unable to address your concerns to your direct contact at the Demmel Group, please contact our whistleblower office via the channels below:

Whistleblower portal:  Demmel-Whistleblower System   

Other reporting channels:
Telephone:                 + 49 (0) 89 21 52 74 33
Post:                           Compliance Support and Service GmbH
                                   Maximilianstrasse 24 | D-80539 Munich


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