The Demmel Group is a group of medium-sized, family-owned enterprises with a total of some 1400 employees. The production locations are in Scheidegg and Weiler in the Allgäu region, Augsburg, Munich, Switzerland, China, Singapore and the US. The group’s core competencies are high-end products and system solutions in the fields of decorative parts and surfaces, control systems, electronics and mobile energy supply. Our main customers are in the automotive, mechanical engineering and household appliances industries. The focus of the group is on complete systems for human-machine communication. Our specific combination of know-how in metals and plastics processing as well as electronics enables the development and production of innovative, customised control systems to high design standards.
Below, you can find brief information about and links to the companies in the Demmel Group.


Demmel AG is the parent company of the Demmel Group.
Core competencies of Demmel AG are products and complete system solutions in the fields of decorative parts for the automotive industry, decorative surfaces and control systems. Our customers include the automotive industry as well as its suppliers, the mechanical engineering industry and renowned electrical appliance manufacturers. More information on Demmel AG  ->  DEMMEL AG

Demmel GmbH und Co. KG, based in Lindau, specialises in small and medium-sized orders in the field of metal and plastics processing as well as decoration. Tell us about your needs – we’ll find a solution.
More information about Demmel GmbH & Co. KG:  ->  DEMMEL GmbH & Co. KG

As an electronics system service provider in the Demmel Group, RAWE Electronic GmbH has carved out a leading market position. Based in Weiler in the Allgäu region of Germany, the company produces electronic assemblies and systems for renowned manufacturers in all the key industries, e.g. medical technology, industrial electronics, passenger cars and commercial vehicles and much more.
More information about RAWE ELECTRONIC: ->  RAWE ELECTRONIC

The Swiss company Tefag AG is active in technology consulting, development and production management in the electronics industry. It is a reliable supplier of highly intelligent lithium-ion, lithium-polymer and lithium-ion phosphate battery packs. The primary focus of its consulting work is the analysis of technical feasibility as well as cost and timeframe forecasting.
In the development area, Tefag AG devises electronic development and testing concepts up to the transfer of the products to volume production. Production management covers the final assembly and testing of internally or externally supplied individual parts and assemblies. More information about TEFAG AG:  ->  TEFAG AG

Based in Munich, LBT specialises in laser marking of surfaces. This is the fastest and easiest way to apply markings. Whether turned or milled parts, front panels, housings, medical equipment or other shaped parts: noncontact marking processes can mark parts in places printing cannot reach. Tell us about your needs – we’ll find a solution. More information on LBT:  ->  LBT München

Demmel Metal Components in Nanjing (DMCC) specialises in the manufacture and supply of high-quality metal parts and their assembly. The company is the go-to address for high-class, modern solutions in mechanical engineering, plant construction, electronics and the automotive industry. The product range covers metal components such as stainless steel keypads e.g. for bank machines as well as membrane keypads for industrial plants and products used in human-machine control systems (HMI, HID).
More information about DMCC:   ->  DMCC China

Central Midori in Singapore (CMI) specialises in manufacturing control systems, foils and foil keypads. Included here are (silicon) graphic overlays, control systems for medical and industrial instruments and multi-layer systems.
More information about CMI:  ->  CMI Singapur

Demmel Inc. USA was founded in 2016 as part of our localisation concept and to tap into the NAFTA markets. It has already started its first assembly activities, and in 2017 it will launch full production of components for the automotive industry. The company is on site to supply the local US market. Currently, the Demmel INC website is under construction.

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