Dear Potential Suppliers and Partners,

Here we want to inform existing and future supply partner about our procurement philosophy and processes and would like to give you an opportunity to communicate quickly and easily with us. We are looking forward to communicate with you.

General Range of Need includes:

- Raw materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, granules
- Purchased parts such as plastic injection molded components, printed circuit boards, connection cables, displays, overlays of glass,
- Excipients, in particular printing inks, coatings, chemicals for electroplating, packaging, protection films
- Tools, injection molds, punching and forming
- Devices, measuring and test equipment
- Extended workbenches for anodizing, stamping, lasering and print, as well as to control and assembly operations

Our Procurement Philosophy

Demmel AG undertakes intensive research and development so that its existing products are always kept up to the latest standard, and so that we can offer new products and problem solutions to cover all users' tasks. During this activity there is intensive communication with users, partners, government organisations and universities at national and international level.

The strength of the medium-sized organization is consciously exploited here to quickly, thoroughly and competently plan, co-ordinate and make decisions to suit the objective and the market. The combination of in-house activities in the areas of the core competence with additional out-sourced activities is proven and will be strategically extended in future to ensure customer satisfaction over the long term.

This is how to become a Supplier / Partner

If you want to become a supplier partner of Demmel, you need to go through the steps shown here. The process will help guarantee Demmel's product and service standards, which is the basis for a fair and successful partnership.

Structure of Supplier Classifications:
- Strategic Supplier - Co-operation partner
- Preferred supplier - Premium partner
- Standard supplier - Series production partner
- Other supplier - Requirement partner

If you are interested to become a delivery partner, please contact us.
Demmel Inc, Subject Area: Strategical Procurement
100 Old World Circle Flat Rock, NC 28726


Our Conditions of Purchase you'll find here: -> Conditions of Purchase

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