Dear Sir or Madam, dear suppliers and partners.

Here we want to inform existing and future suppliers about our procurement philosophy and procedures and give you the opportunity to communicate with us directly and easily. We look forward to a dialogue with you.
Our current range of procured goods covers:
  • Raw materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, granulate
  • Purchased parts such as plastic injection moulded components, PCBs, connection cables, displays, overlays made of glass
  • Auxiliary materials, in particular printing inks, varnishes, chemicals for galvanising, packaging materials, protective films
  • Tools, injection moulding tools, punching and forming tools
  • Jigs, measuring and testing equipment
  • Extended workbenches for anodising, punching, lasering and printing as well as for inspection and assembly work

Our purchasing philosophy

Demmel AG performs technological, innovative development that keeps our existing products up to the very latest standards and ensures we can offer all our customers new products and solutions geared to their requirements. This is based on intensive communication with our customers and partners on national and international levels.
Furthermore, Demmel AG produces high-quality premium products in modern, efficient series production. We consciously use the strengths of our medium-sized structures to plan, coordinate and take decisions quickly, decisively, competently and always in line with market demands. The combination of our own work and core competencies with supplementary contributions from partners has proved successful in the past. We will strategically expand this model in the future so that we can guarantee customer satisfaction with top quality (Demmel’s quality profile).

Demmel AG partner profile

From our partners, we expect proven competence in their fields as well as guaranteed, reliable quality. Ideally, they are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO TS16949, TS14001, and EMAS etc. However, we also accept comparable own quality assurance programmes.

Other important evaluation criteria are top delivery performance with absolute adherence to deadlines, plus knowledge and application of all current regulations, standards and test procedures. Furthermore, flexible communication with short paths, fast decision-taking and short reaction times to changed requirements complement our own working style.

Here´s how to become a supplier of Demmel AG

If you want to become our supplier, you must go through the steps shown here. This process ensures the product and services quality we require and forms the basis for a fair, successful and lasting partnership.
Supplier classifications:
  • Strategic supplier – cooperation partner
  • Preferred supplier – premium partner
  • Standard supplier – series partner
  • Other supplier – partner as required
If you want to become a supplier, please contact us.

Demmel AG, Strategic Procurement Department
Grüntenweg 14, D-88175 Scheidegg
Further supplier documents (eg. purchasing conditions,
Supplier code of Conduct) you'll find here:
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