Face protection shield / masks

The face masks were developed in the context of the corona crisis. They can be used universally in almost all areas of life.
Ultralight material (PC, A-PET, PVC), intuitive & easy assembly, very good cleaning properties, pleasant wearing comfort, customizable through different materials, also suitable for glasses wearers and headgear.

They are ideal for use as an additional protective layer in hospitals, laboratories, diagnostics, educational institutions, companies, emergency responders or in any environment in which exposure to projected droplets is an issue.
Effective splash protection and ideal addition to existing equipment, such as masks, glasses, gowns, to provide effective protection against potential transmission from chemical splashes or liquids.

They also offer highly comfortable protection in the private sector without restricting the field of vision and are therefore also ideal for people who wear glasses.

Further information and direct ordering options can be found here:
Demmel Face-Shield


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