Demmel AG is an Alliance partner - Climate-Neutral Allgäu 2030

Did you know that the participants in the Alliance's Climate-Neutral Allgäu 2030 have already saved over 44,000 tons of CO2?

And we - Demmel AG - are proud to be a part of it. 





For the second time, Gabi in the area of Ulm was diagnosed with cancer. This time: acute ALL - blood cancer. But Gabi's children already know: "The strongest woman we know is our mother. She has not yet lost her fighting spirit.

A family member of the affected family and also an employee of Demmel AG, has drawn our attention to Gabi's case and we would like to help to give Mama Gabi a second chance to life.

Over a period of three weeks, all employees of our company were able to take a register in our three plants. In total, we were able to achieve 43 new registrations ❤️. We would like to thank all our employees for their selfless commitment in the fight against blood cancer. 

The costs for the entire registration campaign in the amount of 1,720 € (40 € per registration) will be donated to DKMS Germany. 

Gabi - we keep our fingers crossed for you and hope that you will find your genetic twin as soon as possible.




Our trainees Sina and Benedikt were able to complete an internship abroad in Ireland through the Erasmus program and would like to share their experiences with you.

In combination with the vocational school Lindau, and funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, we were able to complete a 2-week internship in Ireland.

In Kilkenny, two hours away from Dublin, we met our host families, with whom we were allowed to spend the next few days.

The next day we started our internships, which were assigned to us in advance. There were many different locations, such as hotels, museums or tourism offices. Here we were deployed in the area of management and administration.

On the weekend we were able to get to know as much of the country and Irish culture as possible, such as a Dublin sightseeing tour


On Saturday, 18.03.2023, we were able to introduce ourselves as a regional training company at the career information fair in Lindenberg. We were very happy about all interested visitors at our booth. 

Unfortunately, you were not able to visit the fair, or would you like to find out more about one of our apprenticeships? Then please contact us personally at the following e-mail address:

You are also welcome to complete an internship with us to take a look at your desired apprenticeship. Just ask us.

We train:
- Industrial clerk m/f/d
- Media Technologist Screen Printing m/f/d
- Mechatronics Technician m/f/d
- Tool mechanic m/f/d
- Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology m/f/d
- Machine and plant operator (specializing in metal technology) m/f/d
- Technical Product Designer m/f/d



Fit for Future

We congratulate our trainees on passing their exams and at the same time are pleased to be able to win three great specialists for our company.

We wish you all the best and a lot of success for the start of your professional life!




On October 7th, 2022, we and our neighboring companies in the Westpark commercial area were able to invite to an open day. We were really happy about the great interest.   

It was a great day with a raffle, including insights into our production halls, delicious food and much more. We hope you were able to take some nice impressions with you.






As part of our further development in Heimertingen, we were able to expand our parking area, taking into account the current environmental challenges.



"Exercise and relaxation in everyday working life", was the Motto of the Day. Once again we were able to cordially invite you to the Health Days in our plants this year.

Informative lectures, active trial trainings and optional individual consultations about the "Techniker Krankenkasse" on the topics of "sleep radar" and "cardio stress test" were part of the program. 

Lots of fun and small fitness bags for take away – simply a varied and successful day, all about the health. 





Career Information Fair

The Lindau-Westallgäu career information fair is just around the corner.

You will find us at booth A7, directly in the vocational school Lindau.


Come by, we look forward to seeing you!

TOP Training Company 2022

We are very pleased that we have been market to one of the TOP training companies of the IHK Schwaben again this year


Successful professionals of tomorrow need committed trainers of today.

In order to work as a direct trainer, we are currently training 12 employees from various departments to become trainers. This course ist completed with a successful completion of the ADA examination at the IHK. 

We wish all our participants every success and thanks for your great commitment!


We are also thinking about the refugees in Ukraine and would like to help wherever it's possible.

Together with the company Rawe (Weiler), we donated a total of 10,000 € to the Rotary Club Lindau Dreiländereck - who has purchased food, clothing, hygiene articles, medicines etc.  for the people of Ukraine.

Our Demmel transporter also set off on behalf of the Kindergarten Scheidegg, fully packed with a number of relief supplies, to help where help is needed.


Insight into our production

During their apprenticeship, our commercial trainees have the opportunity to experience our production up close and to actively participate there.

Shift work? – Of course... I really want to try it out. For Julia – our apprentice industrial clerk in the second year of her apprenticeship – it was evident that she absolutely wanted to work the night shift during her taster days in our production. 

I have a lot of respect for that! – and still do – because working during shift times demands enormously on the body and the ability to concentrate. 

From punching, laminating and concealing, up to the final inspection... I was allowed to help everywhere and had a lot of fun. 

I was also warmly welcomed in our maintenance. There I was allowed to independently solder together a radio and make it work and milled a cube made of aluminum.  

Thank you for the great time and your great effort - Julia



Fundraising campaign of our trainees

Our youth and trainee representatives (Benedikt Fasser and Irem Karadavut) had a great idea this year! 

The proceeds of internal actions organized by our trainees by themselves, such as a snack or cake sale, are usually used by our trainees for joint lunches or privately organized events. However, since the current corona situation still makes such meetings more difficult for us, our trainees had the great idea of donating part of their earnings. 

A total of 200 € went to one of the most famous podcasts - the "Christmas Circus".  Where Jan Böhmermann and Oliver Schulz donate to four different needy institutes. 

• The wish wagon of the Worker-Samaritan-Covenant 
There, seriously ill people in their last phase of life are fulfilled a very special last wish. 

• The Children's Hospice Sternenbrücke helps children, adolescents and young adults with life-limiting illness to lead a dignified life until their death.

• We tackle it – emergency aid for refugees 
Is a non-profit association that brings direct help to the people in need fleeing at the EU's external borders.

• Foundation for the Promotion of University Medicine Dresden 
The non-profit foundation has been supporting projects for patients, students, nurses, doctors and scientists for almost ten years.

A great action! 


Anyone who visited the career information fair in Lindenberg in the Allgäu on Saturday, 09.10.2021 may have also stopped by us. Our apprentices to become a media technologist have come up with something very special for this year.  So they designed specially product boards for our exhibition stand.

On the basis of various illustrative material, final examinations of our trainers, etc., our HR manager and our trainees informed you comprehensively about our company, as well as our apprenticeships for: 

  • Industrial Clerk (m/f/d)
  • Mechatronics Engineer (m/f/d)
  • Media Technologist Screen Printing (m/f/d)
  • Machine and plant operator (m/f/d)
  • Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology (m/f/d)
  • Tool Mechanic (m/f/d)
  • technical product designer (m/f/d)

You leave our booth, packed with a small Demmel give-away, consisting of a sports bottle, bottle opener, display wiper, lanying tape etc.  

We hope we were able to arouse your interest in an apprenticeship at Demmel AG and look forward to welcoming you as an applicant or a future trainee. 

Unfortunately, you were not able to visit the fair, missed us or would like to find out more about one of our apprenticeships? Then feel free to contact us personally.

Would you like to apply directly to us for an apprenticeship? Then send us your application to the following e-mail address:

We look forward to seeing you. 

Don't miss our training video: 



Have you already seen our 360° training video?.... if not, so take a look :)!

You can find our video under the following link:

We would like to thank all volunteer actors, as well as all other people involved.




State Prize Certificate for our Trainee Mr. Daniel Tämmerich  

We proudly congratulate our first trainee in the Area of technical product designer, Mr. Daniel Tämmerich, for his extraordinarily good achievements.

As the best graduate in his training profession, Mr. D. Tämmerich, was awarded the state prize certificate for the best graduates, from the state vocational school center Wasserburg a. Inn, .

Due to current events, unfortunately, no ceremony for the award of the certificate could take place at the vocational school this year. As part of an internal celebration, our board members Mr. Holderried and Mr. R. Tämmerich, as well as the trainers and training participants Congratulated Mr. D. Tämmerich.

We are very happy about this success and wish Daniel Tämmerich all the best and much success in his future work in the field of development and design!




Lunch in the Rebowl

Deposit instead of garbage

This year, some of our local restaurateurs switched their to-go containers to returnable containers from Rebowl. This is also the case with the Lindenberger Hof, which serves us daily with its fresh lunch table.

Consisting of polypropylene (PP) - 100% recyclable, the containers were produced in Germany. They are not only BPA- and pollutant-free, but also microwave-compatible, leak-proof and flush-machine resistant. Due to their longevity, only one reusable container replaces about 200 - 500 pieces of common disposable containers. 

A great advantage with us – the deposit of 5 € per container is paid by Demmel AG for our employees.

We are pleased that we can make a contribution to environmental protection.




Trainee Zone - The virtual path towards training 

On the way to your dream job – set off to explore the Allgäu professional world.

The digital platform Azubi Zone Allgäu offers a number of stations for this. Until 14 November 2021, you can get to know us virtually as a training company – and find out about vocational training or dual studies.

At our booth you can simply follow what you like and ask us all your questions via contact. In addition, it is also possible to apply directly to us. 

Without registration, without costs. So get on your way and start into your future!

You can find our virtual stand under the following link: Demmel AG - EXPO-IP

We look forward to see you!





As the first company in Europe, Demmel AG was EMAS certified 26 years ago, in 1995. 

Under the leadership of HSE & FM our team mastered the certification audit also this year. In addition, our new location in Heimertingen was included in the EMAS registration. 

As well as other certificates, our EMAS certificate can be found on our homepage under Company/Terms & Conditions & Downloads. 


Also this year it will be sporty with us again!

Despite some restrictions due to the continuing corona pandemic, we have  succeeded in setting up a great GFA program for our colleagues again. A large part of our sports courses therefore take digital place.

Whether functional training, moving work break, back fit or explorer (the "tryers") group... there is something available for everyone. - Of course also in your home office. 

We wish you a lot of fun staying fit together :)!  


March 2021: Air disinfection with ClAIR

For cleaning our indoor air respectively for air disinfection, we use CLAIR fans for all our plants.

How does CLAIR work? The room air is sucked in with a fan power of 1000 m3/hour and swirled within a flow channel, inside CLAIR. The following UV-C disinfection (360 watts rated power) ensures a neutralization of viruses (also corona viruses), germs and bacteria in the reaction room. The specially developed turbulence technology in the reaction room ensures a long residence time of the air under intensive UV-C irradiation. CLAIR thus enables an almost optimal disinfection of the ambient air.

Through the use of CLAIR, we give our colleagues, as well as all visitors, greater security not to get sick with the Corona virus.


March 2021: Demmel plants trees with the job portal "Yourfirm"

As part of a climate protection campaign, the job portal "Yourfirm" has been planting a protected tree for each ad placed, via an accredited partner, since marc 2020. The result is currently 20 trees from Demmel AG – a total of 15.000 trees have been planted in the north of Nicaragua! And that was just the beginning – of course "Yourfirm" will continue this action in 2021.

With this action, we can also do our part to protect forests in the long term as water storage, CO2 storage, resource generators, recreational resorts and as a home of many species.

November 2020:  Demmel joins the "Alliance climate-neutral Allgäu 2030"

Demmel has joined the "Alliance for Development and Climate" and also the "Alliance climate-neutral Allgäu 2030" and is expanding its activities to reduce CO2 emissions.

By joining the Alliance, Demmel not only supports climate protection in the Allgäu, but also in developing and emerging countries, which are particularly important for achieving the international climate goals.

Further details about the accession and the reduction of our emissions
you can find here: -> Press-Release "Alliance climate-neutral Allgäu 2030" (German)

October 2020: Demmel produces high-quality ear cups for hifi headphones.

Demmel AG supplies highly decorative ear cups for the T5 headphones from beyerdynamic. With the third generation of Tesla high-end-headphones T5, beyerdynamic combines perfect design with precise sound tuning. Acoustically optimized and design technically a bit closer to perfection, the headphones guarantee sophisticated music enjoyment.

For more information please visit the blog of our customer here:
 -> 3rd generation hi-fi headphones from beyerdynamic (German)

July 2020: Best exam graduate in the Allgäu - media technologist screen print

In the examination year 2019/2020, around 3.000 trainees from the Allgäu region had passed their IHK final examination in the fields of industry, trade and services.

Our trainee Mrs. Zwießler achieved good results and became the best graduate in her training profession "Media Technologist Screen Printing" in the Allgäu.

We are very pleased to be able to train skilled workers such successfully and to be a part of them. We congratulate Mrs. Zwiesler very warmly for her extraordinary achievements.


July 2020: Press release on the successful
Start of production at the new Demmel plant in Heimertingen.

In July, the new Demmel plant in Heimertingen (near Memmingen) was successfully commissioned. The aim here is not only to expand production capacities and optimize distribution channels, but also to make it easier for employees to reach the plant.

The Westallgäuer-Zeitung (local Newspaper) reported about this in detail.
For the complete presentation of the article, please click
<-- to the picture on the left!

April 2020: Press release: Demmel develops and donates face shields to local hospitals.

Demmel AG in Scheidegg develops and donates special face shields to local hospitals in the corona crisis. "The donation is a matter of our social responsibility as a company", explains Thomas Holderried, CEO of Demmel AG.  “In these challenging months, it is important to support each other quickly and unconventionally. It is a need for us to support and contribute our neighborhood with our know-how to protecting and saving lives."

In the current corona crisis, it is also difficult for hospitals to get appropriate protective equipment. The special face shields are a result of the typical Demmel innovation and were developed within a few days. In contrast to pure respiratory masks, this shield consists of a forehead holder and a visor made of transparent polycarbonate, which also protects the eyes but does not restrict the field of vision. Breathing mask and goggles can easily be used under the visor. The visors are easy to clean and can be reused if necessary. So they provide additional protection for clinic staff who work directly on the COVID-19 patient and are therefore faced with a very high pathogen load.

The entire staff of Demmel AG admires and praises the tireless efforts of the nursing staff and doctors: "With our donation we would like to thank all people who are currently performing above average in the treatment and care of Covid-19 patients.
We have great respect for the work that is done here every day for the general public and our region. ”

The Demmel face masks can also be used in almost all other areas of life. Further information and direct ordering options can be found here: -> Demmel Face-Masks

April 2020: Demmel publishes sustainability report.

We are thus reporting in detail on our activities on sustainability topics in accordance with the requirements of the DNK. In the future, we will report regularly on these topics and publish our activities in relation to economic, ecological and social sustainability aspects.

The DNK is a transparency standard for reporting corporate sustainability performance. It can be used internationally and supports the development of a sustainability strategy. In order to meet its requirements, users create a declaration on 20 predefined criteria from the areas of strategy, process management, environment and society, sustainability-related goals, key figures and risks. The DNK is managed by the Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) on behalf of the federal government. It can be used by companies of all sizes and legal forms.

The last report can be found here: ->
Demmel Sustainability

March 2020: Successful qualifications

We were able to congratulate our freshly trained specialists at a ceremony for successfully passing the final exam. We were able to take over our specialists in the areas of surface technology, maintenance and human resource management and are pleased about the growth in our team.


February 2020: Demmel AG is one of the best training companies in Germany

In the study "Germany's best training companies" we were rated as one of the best training companies in Germany. In the study, which is carried out among the 5000 companies with the largest number of employees in Germany, we, Demmel AG, took sixth place in the 3-year ranking in the metal industry. Thomas P. Holderried, spokesman of the board: "In times of increasing shortage of skilled workers, the training of young people is very important to us. This award shows that we are on the right track. Training is a joint task at Demmel, I would like to thank everyone our employees! ".

These professions are trained at our location in Scheidegg:

  • technical product designer (m / f / d)
  • Media technician screen printing (m / f / d)
  • Mechatronics engineer (m / f / d)
  • Tool mechanic (m / f / d)
  • Process mechanic for plastics & rubber technology (m / f / d)
  • Industrial clerk (m / f / d)
  • Machine and plant operator (m / f / d)

During the training, the focus is on imparting personal and professional skills. The Demmel team is happy about the mutual success.


January 2020: Construction of our new plant in Heimertingen

The construction of our new plant in Heimertingen is in full swing. The floor was poured at the end of January, and drywall is currently taking place inside the building. The work is on schedule so that the first machines can be delivered at the beginning of April. The expected handover of the building is planned from mid-May.


October 2019: Demmel fit - mach mit, the 3-country marathon on Lake Constance

It was time again, the 3-country marathon on Lake Constance was organized and we, the Demmel company, took part again with a joint team.
Some runners had once again prepared together in a running group that met every Tuesday for training. But even outside the team, it was possible for everyone to register for any run on October 6, 2019 in the Demmel team.
We would like to congratulate all participants on their success!

September 2019: Opening of our new training workshop
1…2….3… opened!!!

With a paper cut through the red ribbon, Mr. Tämmerich (Technical Director) officially opened our new training workshop on September 13, 2019.
The relocation of a production machine made it possible for us to completely renovate or build our new, approx. 100 square meter workshop in the former room of the "Bütfering" machine (surface technology area). In future, the training workshop should be a central point for our trainees in the commercial-technical area, as well as enable certain activities and processes apart from day-to-day business, with the support of the trainers.
The workshop includes, among other things, four workbenches, a column drill, a double grinder, as well as a precision, lead and traction spindle lathe, on which our trainees can learn to turn from scratch.
We invested around € 120,000 in this great project.
At the same time, the construction of this workshop enables us to expand our range of training. From 2020, we can now also train machine and system operators (m / f / d), tool mechanics (m / f / d) and process mechanics (m / f / d).
We would like to thank everyone involved who made this great space possible for our trainees.

September 2019: Start of training

Our new apprentices were warmly welcomed at the start of the apprenticeship on Monday, September 2nd, 2019. The first day started with a small introductory round, as well as information about the company and the training. After the mandatory safety briefing, the inspection of our productive area started. Finally, all trainees from all years came together in our "Casino" lounge to get to know each other better. The first introductory round took place this year as part of the trainee hut event in July. Our newcomers were already allowed to take part here in order to get a good taste of themselves.



Juli 2019: 2-day trainee event 2019

Our 2-day trainee event started this year, together with our apprentices, who will begin their training at Demmel AG in September, as well as with all previous apprentices and trainers.
Strengthened with a breakfast, it was right at the beginning of the day to Golm in Vandans, where we went through very action-packed activities. After a briefing, we conquered the high ropes course with three different difficulty levels. Afterwards, we were able to "fly" over the Latschau reservoir in the Flying Fox, full of adrenaline, secured with a seat belt and hitch to a steel cable. We reached the valley with the Alpine Coaster, a summer toboggan run.
When we arrived at our quaint accommodation, we first went through the forest adventure trail. Afterwards everyone could enjoy a fun barbecue, including a hut challenge. After a few game stations, such as Nailing, treasuring and beer mug, the first three winners could enjoy prizes.
The next day, after breakfast in the mountains, we were able to leave for Feldkirch in the Schattenburg. A guided tour brought us closer to the history of the castle. After a refreshment with XXL-Schnitzeln we went back to Scheidegg.


July 2019: Ground-breaking ceremony for our factory construction in Heimertingen 

On 01.07.2019 the groundbreaking ceremony for the new works in Heimertingen took place. Together with the general contractor Goldbeck and the mayor of Heimertingen, Hr. Dieter Küther and Hr. Alexander Strohmaier the construction site in Heimertingen and look forward to the new plant for the Air Performance Wheel projects.
The jubilee edition of the Allgäu business magazine reported in June 2019 on our planned new building in Heimertingen. You can find the article


Karriere und Ausbildung in der Demmel Gruppe