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Salary & benefits

Commitment, business sense, independence. These are qualities that distinguish our employees and pay off. That’s because we believe excellent performance should be rewarded. We recognise what you do and offer you an attractive, dynamic remuneration package.
We individually draw up the salary of experienced employees according to their qualifications and experience. We guarantee career-starters a secure start to their working lives with permanent employment contracts.
Included in the package are not only an attractive basic salary, but also a range of location-dependent bonuses:
Additional benefits
  • Holiday and Christmas bonuses or 13th salary. Bonus for working on free days.
Capital-forming benefits
  • We subsidise life insurance and building loan policies monthly.
Special leave
  • We grant special leave for various personal circumstances.
Meals for employees
  • We offer our employees food and beverages in the form of cooked lunches, a bakery and vending machines for drinks, plus free water, sweet treats and coffee.
Apple basket
  • Fresh, regional apples provided every week supply our employees with vitamins.
Company health management
  • Established program such as: in-house, free healthy days, back school / musculature measurements, etc..
  • A wide range of company sport groups (running group, crossfit, climbing group, moving work break, etc.). Some of them are also offered online.
On-the-job training and further education
  • Expertise is everything in our industry. We offer our employees the opportunity to take part in internal and external seminars.
Flexible working hours
  • There are many different working hour models at Demmel to suit different requirements.
Employee events
  • Throughout the year, Demmel organises events such as Christmas parties, summer parties and events for apprentices.
Petrol vouchers
  • Currently, our regular employees receive a petrol voucher worth EUR 30 with each salary.
Gifts for employees
  • We give our employees gifts in the form of vouchers to mark various occasions – Christmas, weddings, births, anniversaries.

Further education & development

Do you have specific goals? We help you achieve them.
If you want to develop your talents, we offer you excellent opportunities. That’s because we support talented employees and offer tailor-made further education options. From career-starters to managers – the focus is on personal development.
It’s important to us that our employees strive for self-improvement. To remain successful in the long term, both people and organisations have to keep learning. New developments and ever-greater challenges require life-long learning. More knowledge means more success.
We have a lot to offer. That’s why we expect a lot. From our employees, we expect not only initiative and commitment, but also the willingness to constantly improve and develop.
We make a point of giving our employees exactly the support they need to achieve their goals. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced professional, an engineer or a manager: We value your commitment and ambition, and help you at every stage of your career.
How you shape your future with us depends to a large extent on you. It depends on your personality, your performance, your ambitions and your personal and career goals. Whatever your plans, we offer you a whole range of Options.

Work-life balance

Family and work – both are important, because both are our future. Our family is our life and our home. Our job gives us the means to live and the opportunity to develop our talents.
It must be possible to combine both these aspects!
It is important to us that our employees can balance their home and working lives. It’s not just our staff that benefit, but also the company. We know from experience that more quality of life makes people happier and willing to work harder. Only people who can balance work and private life can be successful and motivated in both areas. Satisfied, motivated employees boost company success. That’s why we want to help our employees find their own individual balance.
To do this, we offer them as much flexibility and scope to shape their work as possible, plus a high degree of freedom. Here’s what flexibility means for us:
  •         flexible working hours wherever possible
  •         support for part-time work
  •         modern working models (e.g. home office agreements wherever possible),
  •         reduced working hours before and after parental leave.
We want our employees to find their own work-life balance depending on their work situation and personal needs. What matters to us is not the place and time you do your work, but what you deliver as part of the big Picture.
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