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Combined company information (provider identification) in accordance with the German Telemedia Act (TMG), the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty (RStV) and information in accordance with the Ordinance on Service Providers’ Duty to Inform (DL-InfoV) based on the EU Services Directive (2006/123/EU gazette of the EU2006, L376/36)

The provider and therefore responsible for the commercial and business website pursuant to § 5 of the Telemedia Act in its function as the core law of the Electronic Commerce Standardisation Act and the law for the regulation of the framework conditions for information and communication services (IuKDG), is Demmel AG, represented by the Managing Directors:
Mr. Thomas Fischer (CTO), Mrs. Maria Hege (CFO), Mr. Markus Kölle (CSO). 

Information in accordance with § 2, Paragraph 1 Ordinance on Service Providers’ Duty to Inform (DL-InfoV)
This website is an information service provided by

Demmel AG
Grüntenweg 14
D-88175 Scheidegg/GERMANY

email: info@demmel.de 
Web: www.demmel.de

Phone: +49 8381 919-00
Fax: +49 8381 919-191

Headquarters of Demmel AG: D-88175 Scheidegg
Kempten District Court, commercial register No. HRB 7632
Legal form: joint-stock company (AG)

Authorised Managing Directors: Mr. Thomas Fischer (CTO), Mrs. Maria Hege (CFO), Mr. Markus Kölle (CSO). 
Applicable law: law of the Federal Republic of Germany

Lindau Inland Revenue Office
VAT identification No.: DE 217 763 381

General Terms and Conditions of Trade
Demmel AG applies General Terms and Conditions of Trade. Link -> Terms and Conditions & downloads

Chamber of Commerce responsible
Schwaben Chamber of Commerce
Stettenstraße 1-3, D-86150 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 3162-0
Fax: +49 821 3162-323
Email: info@schwaben.ihk.de
Web: www.schwaben.ihk.de

Responsible for editorial content in accordance with § 55, Paragraph 2 State Broadcasting and Telemedia Treaty (RStV):
The Managing Directors of Demmel AG, email: info@demmel.de
Grüntenweg 14, D-88175 Scheidegg

External Data Protection Officer in accordance with § 4 f, Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG):
Jürgen C. Beer, Consulting Officer for Data Protection and Data Security
Email contact of Data Protection Officer: datenschutz@demmel.de

Responsible for concept and technical support of this website:
DGTLS GmbH, Implerstraße 24, D-81371 Munich
Phone: +49 89 6228625-0, email: mail@dgtls.com

Services provided by Demmel AG: The manufacture and sale of products for industrial identification, communication, decoration, in particular of decorative parts, keypads and related products for various industries, as well as the conduct of all other business activities related to this.

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