We operate sustainably and SOCIALLY responsibilE.

With our sustainable corporate development and targeted strategy, we describe the best possible perception of our corporate responsibility towards the environment and society and thus want to meet the current requirements of our environment.

By this we mean reconciling environmental, technical, social, and corporate goals. With the three pillars of sustainable development (ESG approach), we divide our sustainability topics into groups and enable international comparability of our environmental and social responsibility. 

With our Code of Sustainability, we want to create the basis for our entrepreneurial success and meet environmental, social, and regulatory requirements and create our contribution to sustainable resource management. We are convinced that economically strong and successful companies are an important support for achieving effective environmental protection and social balance with greater consideration of human rights.

Demmel is an economically strong and successful company. Our products and technologies are designed to create tangible value for society and continuously support and promote sustainable development in all countries in which we operate.

Demmel maintains a constant and open dialogue with all stakeholders about its impacts, achievements, and areas of action. We inseparably combine our claim to conduct all business in an ethically and legally impeccable manner with respect for human rights, customs, traditions, and social values of the respective countries in which we do business.

With our values, mission statements, guidelines, and self-imposed standards, we not only want to further consolidate and expand our strong position in our markets, but also make effective sustainability contributions to our environment and our stakeholders.

You will find our Code of Corporate Sustainability in the Download-Area here: ->  Downloads

You can find our latest sustainability report in accordance with the DNK (German Sustainability Code) here:

Further reports can also be found in the DNK portal here: -> The sustainability Code

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