We operate sustainably and with due social responsibility

What this means for us is harmonising economic, ecological and social goals. Our products and technologies should contribute real value to society. In all countries where we operate, we want them to continually support sustainable development.
With this in mind, we at Demmel conduct a permanent, open dialog with all stakeholders about our operations and future plans. Our principle of conducting all our business ethically and in compliance with the law is firmly linked to our commitment of respect for human rights as well as the customs, traditions and social values of the countries in which we do business.
We welcome and support the voluntary activities of our current and former employees in a wide range of areas. This reflects our self-image and complements our attitude of social responsibility and community support.
It’s up to all of us to ensure sustainability.
Our Code of Corporate Sustainability is designed to help us throughout the Group to operate successfully and in a socially responsible way. We believe that strong, successful businesses are essential for achieving effective environment protection and social balance.
Demmel is such a strong and successful company. By following our Code of Corporate Sustainability, we can not only consolidate our strong position on our markets, but also and above all boost Demmel’s contribution to sustainable business.
You will find our Code of Corporate Sustainability in the Download-Area here: ->  Downloads

You can find our latest sustainability report in accordance with the DNK (German Sustainability Code) here:

Further reports can also be found in the DNK portal here: -> The sustainability Code

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