Quality Vision 

Implementation and adaptation of the Quality Management System (QMS) with binding standards, directives and rules to ensure compliance with laws at the various locations

  • Development of organisational awareness for interactions on local and global levels, along with associated requirements of other localised functions
  • Achievement of a self-learning organisation which constantly strives for improvement, involving colleagues and motivating them for comparable tasks
  • Presentation to all external interest groups as ONE company, including standardised procedures

Our core values:

  • Compliance with laws
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement


Quality Mission 

  • Establishment of global Process Managers and involvement of employees
  • Reliable business partnerships with consistent conduct that customers, suppliers and other parties can depend on
  • Provision of a global, uniform and high service standard in terms of product quality which also includes communication, customer-orientation and customer satisfaction
  • Supply of flawless products and services



  • Establishment of a continuous improvement process to guarantee the implementation of changes necessary for products, services or processes
  • We see fault prevention as key to achieving customer satisfaction. We apply the methods of lean production, and effective quality planning considerably facilitates continuous improvement
  • Use of effective infrastructure to ensure the transparent availability of data. This facilitates fact-based decision making and boosts the continuous improvement process
  • To promote product innovation, we adopt best practices as soon as possible


Quality Philosophy 

Quality at Demmel is defined by customer satisfaction. We aim to fully satisfy customer requirements relating to

  • correct functioning of the products
  • on-time delivery
  • competitive prices


Certificates & Permits      
All standards, certificates and approvals can be found in the download area here: -> Downloads


Manufacturing Standards 

Dear customer:

When you buy products from Demmel AG, you can be sure they conform with EU standards such as the ROHS Directive.

These standards apply for all processing activities, whether in-house at Demmel or at a subcontractor engaged by Demmel. Subcontractors are contractually obliged to observe the above standards.
We are also EMAS certified. Another important criteria when we inspect, evaluate and select our suppliers is environment friendliness. We require our suppliers to observe the high standards demanded for Demmel products.


Karriere und Ausbildung in der Demmel Gruppe