History of Environment Management 
As far back as 20 years ago, Demmel developed an environment management system for all its important operating areas, and the company holds EMAS certification. We continually improve our certifications in response to market and customer demands. You can find our current environmental certificates at the bottom of the website.


The Demmel management team is aware of its responsibility towards the environment. That is why we implement effective solutions to save natural resources and protect the environment, our employees, and people who work with Demmel products. These requirements also extend to our suppliers. To fulfil this responsibility, the Demmel management team has defined an environmental policy for the company. Here’s how our Environment Management System ensures we meet our environmental protection obligations:
  • Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of our environmental impact
  • Consideration of environmental impacts in the Demmel AG plants
  • Compliance with local and national legal requirements in the Demmel AG plants

Communication and constructive cooperation internally as well as externally
Training, education and motivation of our employees to act in an eco-friendly manner.

Environment Protection 

The Environment Protection Officer of Demmel AG is responsible for:
  • Analysing and identifying all relevant changes relating to environmental and statutory requirements
  • Recording all hazardous substances used at Demmel and defining rules regarding safe identification, storage and handling
  • Continuous improvement of the Environment Management System
  • The definition of preventive actions and precautions should prevent the occurrence and impact of potential environmental risks
  • Internal audits and self-assessments are designed to create transparency about performance and weaknesses relating to environmental protection
  • Environmental compatibility is an important criterion when we inspect, evaluate and select our suppliers


Environment Management and Climate Protection

As a global player, Demmel is aware of its social responsibility regarding climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we have taken steps to improve our performance here. In the important market segments, which make up about 60% of sales, extremely energy-saving components are already used. Demmel AG is a supporter of the "Alliance for Development and Climate" as well as the "Alliance climate-neutral Allgäu 2030" and expands its sustainable activities to further reduce global CO2 emissions. Demmel supports regional climate protection, as well as in developing and emerging countries, which are particularly important for achieving the international climate goals.


Environment Certificates & Validations    

You can find our environmental certificates and validations in the downloads under the following link: Downloads:

Karriere und Ausbildung in der Demmel Gruppe