Compliance and sustainability

For Demmel, sustainability means contributing to a balanced economic cycle and in this way taking on responsibility for the environment and society. Our products are reliable, durable and produced with respect for scarce natural resources.
Our key guideline here is our Code of Conduct. It describes the values which underpin our actions. It also formulates the ethical and legal framework for our activities, providing orientation for both employees and business partners.
On today’s increasingly complex and competitive markets, it is not always easy to implement the requirements of sustainability. This is where our Code of Conduct helps us take the right decisions in difficult circumstances. It is also how we promote a common understanding of right and wrong in all our subsidiaries and across all national borders.
Honesty, fairness and transparency are at the centre of our actions. We can only meet the high expectations of our business partners and other stakeholders if we treat everybody with honour and respect. We encourage a culture of morals and integrity which strengthens our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and communities.
Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations is the core value in our corporate culture. We unequivocally and expressly operate a zero-tolerance policy towards infringements of valid laws and any failure to comply with them. Our Code of Conduct and principles not only define rules and regulations for our own business conduct. They also determine our requirements of suppliers and business partners. Demmel expects its suppliers and partners to commit to the Demmel Code of Conduct or a comparable catalogue of compliance rules and values.
Our principles and compliance documents you'll find here: -> Downloads

We take your concerns very seriously and examine all reports of possible infringements of our Code of Conduct. We expect all our employees to fully cooperate with investigations carried out by the company.
Please report all infringements to us at:

You can also report to an ombudsman who works on behalf of Demmel, but is authorised to pass on information without naming its source. You can contact the ombudsman by post, phone or email under the following contact details: Lawyer Mr. Hermann Konrad, Hundweilerstraße 15, D-88131 Lindau, phone 0049 8382 4045 or

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